May 24

fuck poetry for a while


May 23

pope says:

fuck it bro///live a

shitty life

i went to

the moon///took back my

crown—       live on:

higher than

the cloudbursts sprouting

new flowers

trucks are gay:

america dying



deathly my lovely—

    i will live

May 22

burn paris


left my hat

lets hope this

works            begin again

///make me love—

my life is—

fuck it: lets get drunk///

yes: tonight

give me my

        face back— i need it

////////blackhole skull

take my clothes

///throw them away///         go

—          wet panties

May 21

people sing///

repulsive children—

they still sing////////

don’t listen

to the mystics curse—

///i’m         dying

harvard square

burning on fire

i built: pyre

oppose me

& i will destroy

all the things

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